Eateries on Campus, the Healthy Way

There are countless food options on campus. With so many options just a short walk away making a choice on where and what to eat can feel overwhelming, especially when you are trying to make a healthy choice. A list of the smartest options at each restaurant would make this task easy, however it isn't always that simple. Why? The options available at each outlet are always changing. Also, depending on your individual needs, what makes a good choice for one person may not be a good choice for another.

If you follow this guide when making food choice on campus you will be well on your way to making the healthiest choices.

1. Choose a smart cooking style: baked, grilled, broiled, steamed or fresh; not deep-fried or sautéed.

2. Try to make at least half of your meals vegetables or fruit.

3. Choose whole-grain or whole-wheat products, for instance: whole-wheat bread, buns, and wraps.

4. Ask for dressings to be served on the side, or ask them to put less on.

5. Watch the serving size, if it is larger than you would typically make for yourself; share it with a friend or save your leftovers.

6. Drinks: choose low fat dairy options (ie: skim milk) and watch for added sugar. Ask for your drinks to be made half sweet.

For more resources on the food options available at the University of Alberta:

• Follow UALberta Dining on Facebook to stay connected with the food services offered on campus and special deals, promotions and events.

• Visit: Campus Dish to find locations, view weekly menus, look up nutrition information and to find out about upcoming special events.

• Speaking of Healthy Eating is a new program at UofA. It provides relevant, accessible, free nutrition education to students by students at the University of Alberta.