Eating Well with a Meal Card

Eating well with a meal card may be a challenge, but it can be done. With a little bit of planning and extra thought, your healthy diet does not need to suffer. Eating with a meal card is very similar to eating on campus because your meal card has access to most of the eateries on campus, therefore visit: 'Eateries on Campus, the Healthy Way' for more useful tips. However, what is specific to living in residence is the lack of options besides campus eateries. Continue reading for some tips for eating well while on a meal card.

• Avoid the grill. Grilled foods tend to be higher in fat and calories while being low in nutrients. Choose foods that are fresh, baked or broiled if available.

• Visit the grocery store for snacks and breakfast foods. Buying convenience foods like: fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts will help you avoid late night offerings at the cafeteria. Keeping a supply of simple breakfast items (ie: cereal, milk, yogurt, bread and peanut butter) in your dorm room fridge will allow you to keep breakfasts light, convenient and nutritious.

• Choose the salad bar often. Asking for grilled meat to top your salad will keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.