Nutrition for the Busy Student Survival Guide - A Three Part Series

In this three part series survival guide a Dietitian will teach you nutrition principles to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you live in residence, on your own or at home you will be sure to gain some insight on how to keep your body and your brain fueled for school.

  • Topics include: Eating Well, Meal Preparation and Stress Management
  • Eating Well: This workshop will show you how you can incorporate useful nutrition tips into a busy schedule while on a budget.
  • Meal Preparation: A Dietitian will teach you how to incorporate quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meals into your routine, regardless of your cooking abilities. Walk away from this workshop with some useful cooking tips and recipe ideas that you can apply if you live in residence, with roommates or at home.
  • Stress Management: Pressure to do well in your studies, manage relationships and finances are common stressors that most university students face. Learn the steps to minimize and manage stress and how it can impact our relationship with food.