Our programs cater to people of all climbing abilities from beginner to high-performance athletes.
We are driven by a passion for climbing and a commitment to promoting the benefits of climbing as a lifestyle.

Belaying, Movement Skills, Knots, Rappelling, Top Rope Climbing, Clipping Techniques, Rope Management, Communication, Safety Skills, Lead Climbing Strategies, Safely Falling and Catching a Fall.

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General climbing skill development and fun for beginner and intermediate level youth climbers.

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junior teamsJr. Team
This program is the next step after the program *Youth Club* Development.  Jr. Team takes motivated youth climbers, adds in a CGI Coach, provides ample time on the wall and the result are climbers ready for local, regional and national lever climbing competitions.

Registration is required in September, January and May.

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Wall Brawls and Events

Wall Brawls are the Climbing Centre`s monthly bouldering series feature 40+ brand new boulder problems graded v0 to v10. These competitions are a great way to get into the climbing competition scene and always feature great swag!  All ages and all abilities welcome.

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