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Inclusive Recreation

Campus & Community Recreation (CCR) mission is to create a sense of community through quality recreation programs at the University of Alberta and in the community beyond the University. As part of that mission CCR strives to be inclusive and provide a variety of accommodations for equal access to our programs, events and facilities by creating a welcoming, safe, and diverse environment for all of our participants.

All full-time staff have taking part in Inclusive Recreation training through The Steadward Centre for Personal and Physical Achievement. This training familiarizes individuals with approaches for assisting those living with impairments, how to be an ally in facilitating accommodations, and how to create a welcoming space for everyone, this allows CCR to accommodate numerous disabilities and situations through our Inclusion Support Services. 

Recreation is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and Campus & Community Recreation is committed to ensuring everyone has the chance to actively participate in his or her community.