Aquatics Centre

west pool no bleachers

The Aquatic Centre houses two large indoor pools: the East Pool and the Winslow and Christian Hamilton Memorial Pool, commonly known as the West Pool. Both pools are located in the Van Vliet Complex - one in the East Wing and one in the West Wing. The pools are used for a wide variety of programming and are open for use by students, staff, faculty members and community members.

As a Provincial Training Centre for the Lifesaving Society we offer all of the Lifesaving Society's programs, including learn-to-swim classes for children and adults, lifesaving, lifeguarding, & instructor certifications and recertifications and the Green & Gold Lifesaving Sport Club.

Additionally we have numerous opportunities for fitness and fun with our morning fitness swim & other recreational opportunities & aquatic fitness classes.

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Pool Specifications

Shallow end 1.26 m 1.12 m
Deep end 3.75 m 1.37 m
Width 23 m 12.8 m
Length 25 m 23 m
Capacity 160 160