Wilson Climbing Centre

The Wilson Climbing Centre is a brand new modern climbing structure. It was designed in an iconic purpose built building creating a new gateway to the University of Alberta's North Campus. We are driven by a passion for climbing and are committed to promoting physical activity as a healthy lifetime pursuit.

The Climbing Centre consists of:
  • Bouldering Lounge: over 2700 square feet of bouldering to a maximum height of 15 feet and up to 19 feet of linear climbing with 40+ boulder problems ranging from v0- to v10
  • High Wall Loft: over 7000 square feet of high wall climbing to a maximum height of 48 feet and up to 60 feet of linear climbing with 50+ high wall routes graded 5.6 to 5.14
  • Top Roping: 19 anchors
  • Lead Climbing: 16 anchors


Climbing News

  • Whats a Wall Brawl?

    If you've spent any time in the Wilson Climbing Center over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an abundance of signs advertising something known as the "Wall Brawl". This post is designed to enlighten our patrons about the details of our Wall Brawls. Enjoy.

  • Climbing Programs Fall 2019

    At the Wilson Climbing Center, we pride ourselves on providing quality climbing instruction to our patrons. Our mandate (as a member of the University of Alberta community) is to teach people how to climb safely, proficiently, and technically correct, thereby developing excellent climbers within the Edmonton area.

  • Upcoming Events and Associated Closures Fall 2019

    The Wilson Climbing Center is lucky to host an abundance of both local and provincial climbing competitions for all ages this term. As climbing competitions require the creation of new climbing routes, the removal of old routes, and the cleaning of climbing holds, a number of partial and full climbing center closures will occur during the Fall 2019 term.

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