Graduate Programs

Directed Studies

A Directed Studies course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work closely with members of academic staff on projects that are closely aligned with students’ area of interest. Projects must reflect academic scholarship commensurate with the student’s degree program. A directed study could include such things as reviews of literature, in-depth study of research methodologies or data management strategies, program evaluation, or pilot work toward the development of research proposals.

PERLS 591 (2nd course- crse-bsd only; thesis based 2nd course, approval required)
PERLS 599 A/B (Two-Term; *1.5/term)

PERLS 691 (2nd course; approval required) PERLS 699 A/B (Two-Term; *1.5/term)

Proposal Requirements and Instructions:

  1. An academic staff member must agree to oversee the Directed Study. All academic staff members of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation are eligible to be course instructors.
  2. Complete the attached Directed Study Proposal form (page 2-3). The project proposal is prepared collaboratively by the academic staff member and the student. The Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) provides final approval.
  3. The final course letter grade and marks assigned to assignments are to be entered in Bear Tracks by the academic staff member (Directed Study Supervisor) by the end of the academic term. In exceptional cases only, a grade of Incomplete (IN) may be assigned by the end of the academic term. For instructions and for the maximum time limits on Incomplete (IN) grades, visit section 7.4.1 of FGSR’s Graduate Program Manual. Final grades submitted after the maximum time limits will result in a grade of Incomplete Fail (INF).
  4. Students enrolled in master’s course based degree programs are allowed a maximum of six course credits (*6) of Directed Studies. Students enrolled in PhD or master’s thesis based degree programs are allowed a maximum of three course credits (*3) of Directed Studies.
  5. Directed studies are designed to support independent study however, proposals for group projects will be considered.
  6. As this document serves as the course outline for the Directed Study, a copy will be kept in the Graduate Programs Office, and the instructor will provide the student with a copy.
  7. All inquiries or problems concerning the course should be directed to the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies).


Application form

Deadline: Due at least one week prior to the registration deadline for the term of registration. Refer to the University Calendar for term registration deadlines. Submit completed form to the Graduate Programs Administrator - Elisha Krochak: