Admission Requirements

The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation sets its competitive admission average and this varies from year to year.

Your average will be calculated based on the five subject requirements.
This calculation will happen after you apply to UAlberta and submit your transcripts and documentation.

International admission subject course equivalencies.
International grade conversions.
Also see the University of Alberta International Student's 2017-2018 Handbook.

  • Academic Requirements

    For high school applicants, your average will be calculated based on the five (5) selected subjects related specifically to your program choice.

    For more information on competitive admission average and international grading conversions, please visit here.

    *NOTE: You must submit your Transcript(s) and other official documentation before the stated deadline.

      Minimum Admission Averages
    (for 2015-2016 only)

     2015-2016 Academic Course Requirements
    Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology


     5-Subject Requirement
     Physics is mandatory
    Bachelor of Kinesiology


     5-Subject Requirement

    Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism   


     5-Subject Requirement

    Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education

    *Specialization in Elementary Education


     5-Subject Requirement

    Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education

    *Specialization in Secondary Education 

     5-Subject Requirement

    Certificate completion
    Graduation from a post-secondary or high school program is mandatory for admission to the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.

    Click here more information about an “undergraduate” degree at University of Alberta.

  • How to Apply
    What to do before you apply:
    1. Find out what entrance awards and scholarships options are right for you
    2. Review application dates and deadlines
    3. Take a campus tour

    Once you've been accepted:

    1. Activate your UAlberta email account
    2. Apply for housing
    3. Become familiar with Bear Tracks
    4. Register in classes
    5. Submit your (final) official transcripts
    6. Attend Student Orientation

    For additional information on how to apply please visit here

  • Language Requirements

    University of Alberta sets strict guidelines for international students. Regardless of a student’s citizenship status or country of origin all students need an adequate level of English proficiency in order to be successful within their programs.

    For more information on how you can meet the English requirements please click here

  • Timelines and Deadlines

    For the most up-to-date information on UAlberta application deadlines and timelines, click here.

    March 1 - Last Day to Apply for admission *Check here for any application deadline extensions.
    April 30  - Last Day to Apply for
     Guaranteed Housing
    June 15 - Deadline to send in official documents for post-secondary transfer
    August 1  - Deadline to send in official documents for High School applicants 
    September 5  - Deadline to send in official documents for post-secondary transfer

    *Official documents including Official Transcripts and English Language Proficiency scores) for final admission to the Fall Term is: June 15. 
  • Tuition and Fees

    Sample cost of living for 2016 - 2017 Academic year only

    Tuition - Full-time undergraduate student $8,158.08 CAD (4 course per semester) or $10,197.60 CAD  (5 courses per semester)
    Non-instructional fees - must pay  $910 CAD per semester
    Accommodations  $500 - $1,500 CAD per month (dependent on housing type: on-campus, residences, single occupancy or with roomates, or off-campus rentals.
    Food  $200 - $300 CAD per month (estimate based on regular groceries)  
    Books & Supplies  $300 - $600 CAD per semester (estimates based on whether every course has required textbooks, or use of electronic textbooks, or used textbooks available at different costs)  
    FREE Edmonton Public Transportation (U-Pass) is included in all students' tuition. Valid only within the dates of each academic semester.  


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