E3 Brazil is a UA International study abroad program that gives students the option to take from *3 to *12 UA credits in the form of academic coursework (e.g. PERLS 497), language courses, and an internship placement.

PERLS 497 - Special Topics: The Culture of Recreation, Sport and Tourism in Brazil

Course Description: Recreation, sport and tourism provide a window into culture and identity. Underlying values and beliefs are embedded in the practice of these leisure activities. Such practices help to transform space into meaningful places both for residents and for visitors. This course will critically examine these practices in Brazil. The on-site delivery of the course will draw on local community resources to facilitate an “authentic” experience of and insight into Brazilian culture.
Credits: *3

Course dates: May 2 to 20, 2016

Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Instructor: Prof Tom Hinch is an internationally recognized researcher in sport tourism. He has been a strong advocate for study abroad programs ever since participating in a study tour of Russia as an undergraduate student. His travels have continued throughout his U of A career with Wakayama University in Japan soon to be added to his list. He will be working with Wakayama’s sport tourism research unit as they gear up for 2020 Summer Olympics. In the meantime, he will be following the 2016 Rio Olympics to see what they reveal about Brazil.

Approximate Costs for PERLS 497 as a stand-alone course for 2016

Tuition (3* UAlberta Credits) $1,145.00
Application Feed $250.00
Non-Course Fee $210.00
Airfare (various $1,000 to 2,000) $1,800.00
Homestay  $350.00/month
Other (food, visa, insurance etc.) $500.00
Total  $4,255.00
Potential Awards   
Education Abroad Individual Awards  $750
KSR Faculty PERLS 497 Travel Award  $500
Total with Potential Awards  $3,005.00 

Application Deadlines:

December 20, 2015 – KSR Student PERLS 497 Travel Award

January 18, 2016 – Course Registration

January 18, 2016 – Education Abroad Individual Award