KSR Fall 2021 Case Competition

KSR Fall 2021 Case Competition

In partnership with Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta (ISCA) and Alberta Kinesiology Association (AKA) and Prepr KSR will host the first-ever KSR Fall 2021 Case Competition from September 27 to November 6, where up to 30 teams with five members will compete to win prizes. Every Participant will receive $700 for participating in the challenge with additional prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

  • 1st place - $1500/team member and a feature on the KinPod Podcast
  • 2nd place - $750/team member
  • 3rd place - $500/team member

Students in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation will form teams of 5 that will work together to propose a strategy/solution to a challenge. The challenge will be hosted on the Prepr platform and will be released to all teams on September 27th. Teams will have 5 weeks to design their strategy/solution, which will include a written submission, 3 social media pitches, and a 5-minute presentation. Students will have access to resources and learn labs on the Prepr platform that will help them design their projects. Each week teams will have up to 2 hours to consult with a mentor from the Alberta Kinesiology Association. Open office hours will be provided throughout the event for teams to consult with members of the ISCA and get real-world feedback and insight on the strategies/solutions they are working on.

Teams will submit their completed projects and do a live virtual presentation to the panel of judges on October 29. Five finalist teams will then be announced. The finalist teams will have one week to prepare for a 15-minute in-depth Question and Answer panel from the judges. The winning teams will be announced on November 6th at an in-person Wrap Up Party, in which every participant will be invited to celebrate their project completion, network with community partners, other students, and alumni.

The Challenge Statement

This year we have partnered with the Indigenous Sport Council of Alberta (ISCA), the provincial sporting body for Indigenous peoples of Alberta, and have the opportunity to use data they have collected from Indigenous communities related to health and wellness through sport, physical activity and recreation.

Your challenge is to develop a strategy and actionable plan within the field of kinesiology that can remove barriers and provide more inclusive and better access to services and/or initiatives that improve health and holistic wellness among Indigenous individuals, families, and communities.

Click here to read the full challenge

Why Participate?

There are many great reasons to participate in the case competition. This competition is being funded by a grant made possible through the CEWIL Innovation Hub (iHub) program, funded in part by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative (I-WIL), which means every participant in the competition will be paid a $700 stipend for completing a project. In addition to this, students will be able to use the time spent participating in the event toward their overall Professional Practicum course practical hours requirements. This could mean a student would be eligible to reduce their required number of work hours during their full-time or part-time practicum, providing more flexibility to students who are balancing other priorities as well.

There are many other great reasons to participate in this type of event including:

  • Preparing for the National CKA Case Competition
  • Gain additional practical experience
  • Showcase your knowledge and skills in a tangible way
  • Add this experience to your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Develop career transferable skills including teamwork, communication, project management, leadership, problem-solving and presentation skills
  • Network with other students, alumni, community partners, and potential future employers
  • Receive mentorship from professionals

Who Can Participate?

This event is only open to students in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, which includes students in the Bachelor of Arts, Recreation, Sport, and Tourism degree, Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, and Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree programs. Ideally, teams will be made up of primarily 3rd and 4th-year students, but may also include 2nd-year students who are interested in competing.

Commitment Required

The time commitment for each participant in the competition will be approximately 10 hours per week consisting of time spent on team meetings, consulting with mentors, researching, and creating the competition deliverables. Detailed information about the competition deliverables will be provided to registered participants when the challenge is released. Participants must commit to participating for the duration of the competition and submit all project requirements to be eligible to receive the participant stipend.

If you have any questions please contact ksrcasecomp@ualberta.ca

Presentations will be given in a live virtual format on October 30th. Sign up to receive the link to watch.

If you would like to be a spectator or if you are interested in providing assistance (mentorship, learning opportunities, sponsorship, etc) to the event please click HERE.