Undergraduate Programs

Registration 101

Once you've accepted your admission letter and paid your tuition deposit , you can now start to register for courses. Course registration is done through Bear Tracks, where you can explore our 6,500+ course options, create a timetable, register in courses, build a draft schedule, and more!

Step 1: Plan out the courses you want to enroll in (click here for a video)

The best place to start is with the program guide that was either mailed or emailed to you when you were accepted to your program. We have given suggestions of which courses to enroll in for your first year, however as long as you take prerequisite courses before advanced level courses you can change your schedule around to best fit your situation.

When planning out your courses, familiarize yourself with what the course actually is as well as when it is offered. You can do both of these features using the “Browse Course Catalog” function on Bear Tracks . Some courses are only offered in the Fall Term or Winter Term, while others are offered in both. It’s important to know when courses are offered when trying to create a balanced schedule.

Step 2:Add a course to your schedule (view PDF here)

Once you have a course that you would like to add to your schedule, click on the “Schedule Builder” tab on the left side of your Bear Tracks screen. Next, select the term you wish to add the course to (keeping in mind when the course is offered). You will then be able to search by subject and number, and see more information on when the courses are offered. If there are seats available in the class, hit the “Add” button under the specific class you want to add to your schedule.

Keep adding courses to your schedule using the steps outlined above until you are happy with what your schedule looks like. In order to convocate in the traditional four years, you will need to take 30 credits of coursework per year (typically courses are worth three credits, so students take five courses per term). It’s worthwhile to note that lots of students take longer than four years to convocate, so don’t feel pressured if you want to take a reduced course load for any reason!

Step 3: Enroll in courses on your enrollment date (view PDF here)

On your enrollment date (found in Bear Tracks and emailed to your UAlberta account), you can log in to Bear Tracks and confirm enrollment in your courses to reserve your seat in that course. This is done though the Enroll tab under Academics. This will bring up your pre-built schedule where you can then select all of the courses in your schedule, and click “Enroll” to officially secure your seat in that course. Remember to do this for both Fall and Winter term if you plan on taking courses in both. After you’ve done this, go back to your course schedule to double check that the course has officially been added.

What if the course is full when you try to enroll?

Courses can fill quickly, but seats open and switch around quite a bit before the final add/drop deadline in September.

When searching for courses, there is an option to add courses to your watch list. Depending on your watch list preferences, you can receive text or email notifications whenever a seat opens up in a course. If you get that notification, try to log in to Bear Tracks quickly to enroll as that seat will go to the first student who enrolls in the course.

In the meantime, we recommend enrolling in a backup course or an alternative section of the course (if multiple sections are available) while you wait for seats to open for your first choice.