Coaching Studies and Sport Psychology



What is Coaching Studies and Sport Psychology?



Researchers in this area study sport performance and participation across multiple levels of competition (from youth to college to elite), using psychological, management and sociocultural perspectives. We look at coaches, athletes, parents, and sport systems.


Focus of Research

Dr. Jim Denison
Dr. Denison studies effective coaching from a socio-cultural perspective. He employs a variety of qualitative methods to examine such topics as the coach-athlete relationship, coaching ethics and coach and athlete learning.

Dr. John Dunn

Dr. Dunn's primary research interests lie in the field of sport psychology. His research typically focuses on a wide variety of personality-, cognitive-, and emotional-constructs that are frequently associated with performance in elite sport (e.g., perfectionism, worry, anger).

Dr. Nicholas L. Holt
Dr. Holt conducts research examining psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity participation among children, adolescents, and their families.

Dr. Amber Mosewich
Dr. Mosewich's research interests focus on the examination of stress, coping, emotion, and resultant cognitive and behavioural responses within the sport domain.

Dr. Ian Reade
Dr. Reade's research is focused on sport management and coaching within the amateur sport environment with an emphasis on the educational sector.

Dr. Billy Strean
Dr. Strean's research and scholarly interests range from somatic and ontological approaches to leadership, well-being, and exhilaration to professional practice and effectiveness in sport psychology and helping professions