Neuroscience and Movement



What is Neuroscience and Movement?

Researchers in this area study a broad range of topics, from biomechanics to basic neurophysiological processes required for movement and sensation, to the interaction between how the body moves and thinks.

Focus of Research

Dr. Craig Chapman
Dr. Chapman's research is focused on the following: factors influencing motor plan competition; neural signatures of decision making; economic decision making in action; how hedonic preferences shape movements; and developing outcome metrics for prosthetic limb patients.

Dr. Loren Z.F. Chiu
Dr. Chiu's research program investigates how the design of the musculoskeletal system influences performance of multi-joint human movement.

Dr. Dave Collins
Dr. Collins' current research projects are focused on control properties of single motor units, and reducing fatigue of contractions produced by neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

Dr. Kelvin Jones
Dr. Jones' research program is focused on neurophysiology of the motor and sensory systems using both experimental electrophysiological methods and computer simulations.