Recreation, Sport and Tourism

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What is Recreation, Sport and Tourism?

Our researchers in this area use a variety of disciplinary perspectives to study issues including sport tourism, outdoor recreation, conservation, and leisure behaviour.

Focus of Research

Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny
Dr. Halpenny conducts research in the areas of tourism, marketing, environmental psychology, and protected areas management.

Dr. Howie Harshaw
Dr. Harshaw is interested in public outdoor recreation on Crown lands - outside of parks and protected areas, and his research is framed in terms of sustainable resource management and natural resources conservation.

Dr. Shintaro Kono
Dr. Kono's research revolves around the relationship between leisure engagement and subjective well-being.

Dr. Dan Mason
Dr. Mason's research focuses on sports leagues and franchises, cities, events, and infrastructure development.

Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein
Dr. Reichwein's research program highlights Canada's environmental and social history, particularly in western Canada and mountain regions. Understanding the history of people, parks, and politics is the purpose of this research.

Dr. Zac Robinson
Dr. Robinson's research interests pertain generally to the cultural and social histories of the Rocky and Columbia Mountains of Canada with a specific interest in mountaineering, travel writing, postcolonialism and tourism.

Dr. Brian Soebbing
Dr. Brian Soebbing's primary research interest focuses on the strategic behavior of sport and recreation organizations and their constituents. His secondary research interest focuses on the social and economic impact of gambling within society.