What is Sociocultural?

The sociocultural area includes a diverse group of researchers who study sociological concepts across a range of human movement contexts, including sport, physical activity, dance and recreation.


Focus of Research

Dr. Judy Davidson
Dr. Davidson's research interests include feminist and queer approaches to sport and leisure phenomena. She has published on homonationalism and the international lesbigay sport movement.

Dr. Lindsay Eales
Dr. Eales uses research-creation methodologies to study disability-centred dance, Mad arts and culture, and intersectional anti-oppressive trauma-informed movement practices.

Dr. Pirkko Markula
Dr. Markula's research interests include: physical cultural studies of dance; socio-cultural study of fitness industry and the fit feminine body; socio-cultural study of sport; and ethnography, autoethnography, performance ethnography.

Dr. Lisa McDermott
Dr. McDermott's research interests focus on critically examining both discursive constructions and embodied experiences of women and children's physical activity, health, and leisure practices.

Dr. Danielle Peers
Dr. Peers' work bridges three fields: adapted physical activity, socio-cultural sport and movement studies, and critical disability studies.

Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein
Dr. Reichwein's research program highlights Canada's environmental and social history, particularly in western Canada and mountain regions. Understanding the history of people, parks, and politics is the purpose of this research.

Dr. Zac Robinson
Dr. Robinson's research interests pertain generally to the cultural and social histories of the Rocky and Columbia Mountains of Canada with a specific interest in mountaineering, travel writing, postcolonialism and tourism.

Dr. Jay Scherer
One of Dr. Scherer's current research projects is focused on community-based participatory action research on the impacts of a new, 'world-class' arena and downtown entertainment district in Edmonton.