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“Our students get a great opportunity to experience the elite fitness tests and protocols with Alex and crew at the KIN Lab at the U of A. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in a high-quality fitness testing environment for their students and athletes.”

Liam Mills

Department Head, Physical Education & Athletics, W.P. Wagner High School

About the Sport and Health Assessment Centre

If you are an athlete looking to compete at peak performance, or an individual looking to make a positive lifestyle changes, the University of Alberta’s Sport and Health Assessment Centre (SHAC) is here for all your fitness testing needs. We offer a variety of professional services to best reach your personal fitness goals.

What We Do

  • Perform a variety of health and fitness assessments for:
    • General Populations
    • Athletes of All Levels
    • Teams or Sports Clubs
    • Field Trips for Sport Performance, Sport Med or Physical Education School Groups
  • Provide assistance in research for other faculties and universities
  • Provide data analysis, baselines, and information to help you reach fitness goals
  • Provide result comparisons to healthy Canadian Norms, or sport specific and activities

Our Services

Our Sport Health and Assessment Centre (SHAC), of the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation, provides all aspects of physiological testing, data collection and data interpretation for individuals, athletes and coaches. Our testing ranges from field-based methods to gold standard laboratory-based methods. Post-testing, our experts provide simple and effective data analysis for athletes, coaches, and other members of the performance services team in order to provide appropriate training prescriptions.


Our metabolic testing services provides information regarding your body’s metabolism at rest or your body’s current fitness level.  Through metabolic tests we are able to give you a better understanding of your body.

Body Composition Testing

Body Composition testing allows for an understanding of your body’s Fat and Lean body mass. This service allows for you to establish a baseline and track changes during, and following lifestyle, fitness, or training programs.

Muscular Strength, Power + Endurance

We offer a variety of muscular strength, endurance, power, and flexibility testing. Specific testing may be recommended depending on your current health or injury, occupation, or sport activity.

Anaerobic Power and Capacity, Wingate

The wingate is an all-out intensity on a computerized cycle to test anaerobic power. We are able to determine peak power generation and the capacity to resist fatigue.

Athletes wanting to establish and train their ability to generate power routinely use these tests, such as hockey players, figure skaters, wheelchair athletes, track cyclists, and downhill skiers. 


Combine one of the metabolic tests with body composition and or muscular strength, power and endurance training.

School Field Trips

Physical Education, Sports Performance, and Sports Medicine classes enjoy learning outside of a classroom by coming to the University of Alberta SHAC lab for our athlete combine and laboratory testing.

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Alex Game, MSc, CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist; High Performance Specialist

Director, SHAC