New online course on early Ukrainian Canadian culture

Explore immigration and integration memories and narratives, material and spiritual culture, customs and rituals, fashion and food, as well as other forms of cultural expression, education, Ukrainian language media, and early settlement patterns.

07 March 2019

Early Ukrainian Canadian Culture (SLAV-399) is an online course that explores the settlement history and immigration narratives of the first two waves of Ukrainian immigration to Canada (1891-1939).

This course explores cultural identity, folklore and key issues facing immigrants when integrating into a new community. Early Ukrainian Canadian Culture is for students from all faculties with an interest in working with archival materials and acquiring a basic familiarity with Ukrainian traditions in the diaspora.

Delivery: Online

Pre-requisites: None

Commitment: 6 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/day

This course consists of a required Introductory Unit plus a choice of 6 Units.

The course is divided into 14 thematic units. All student are required to do the Introduction plus any 6 units of their choice. The Introduction and each of the units consists of readings and/or audio/video recordings. At the end of each unit and the introduction, students are required to complete a quiz. Each quiz can only be taken twice - the best score will count towards the final mark. Students may choose to complete quizzes for more than 6 units, however, only the best 6, plus introduction, will be chosen for grading. The course will be marked as follows: Introduction (10%) + 6 units (15% each) = 100%

Each unit includes:

  • required readings and/or audio and video recordings
  • a unit quiz

Unit Topics:

  • Early Settlement Patterns
  • Material Culture
  • Life Cycle Rituals
  • Calendar Cycle Customs
  • Religious Culture
  • Church Architecture and Decoration
  • Ukrainian Canadian Women
  • Bilingual Education
  • Communication 1 - Letter Writing Culture
  • Communication 2 - Newspapers and Reading Rooms
  • Photography
  • Folk Art & Fine Art
  • Music & Performance