Anna's Dream - Just in Time for Christmas!

01 December 2021

The Kule Folklore Center is excited to present the launch of our latest book co-authored by Maria Mayerchyk and Lesia Savedchuk and illustrated by Lindsay Sorell

Anna's Dream

Anna's Dream, a fully illustrated book for children from 2 to 92, is the story of a nine-year-old girl growing up on a farm in Western Canada in the 1930s. Her days, like those of all farm children, are filled with many chores, but her dream is to one day own a camera and take photographs. As we follow Anna through her daily routines at home and at school, we learn details of farm life in the 30s – and find out whether Anna's dream does indeed come true.

The book includes an insert with a copy of the text, which allows grandparents and aunties to read it to their child on Zoom while the young reader is following the illustrated story on the screen.

Anna’s Dream makes a wonderful Christmas gift for any child curious about what their grandparents or great-grandparents experienced as a child.

Anna's Dream can be ordered at:
Price: $25.00+ GST
Shipping in Canada: $15.00/book / free pick up

Anna's Dream can also be picked up at the Kule Folklore Centre. If you wish to order more than one book, please email and leave your name, telephone number and the number of books you would like to order and you will be contacted about appropriate shipping costs.

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