Stephania's Song Collection

Please join us at 11 am on Tuesday, September 27 for a folklore presentation by Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky entitled "Stephania's Song Collection." Please note that this is an in-person event, and RSVP is required.

14 September 2022

WHAT: Stephania's Song Collection

WHO: Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky

WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, 11 am

WHERE: Arts Lounge, Arts & Convocation Hall. RSVP:

Stephania's Song Collection is a series of five folders that Dr. Nahachewsky inherited from his mother, Stephania Nahachewsky when she passed away last year in Saskatoon. The collection includes about 650 songs, about 3⁄4 in Ukrainian. Dr. Nahachewsky will present on the characteristics of those songs that fit the folkloric sphere, the national sphere, and popular culture sphere. The song texts Mrs. Nahachewsky wrote out by hand were more central for her than those simply found in a publication and reveals her multi-sided cultural environment, biographical influences, and her personal aesthetics. This presentation is a reprise of a paper given at the FSAC annual meeting 2022.

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky is the Huculak Chair Emeritus and Past Director of the Kule Folklore Centre. He currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.

The recording of the presentation is available here:

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