Folklore Alumni

We are proud of our graduates and their accomplishments. You can see the Ukrainian Folklore Program alumni and the topic of their research listed by the graduation year below.

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Katya Chomitzky, MA, "Connected by a Thread: Ukrainian Embroidery and Macro-Cultural Identity on COVID-19 Face Masks in Ukraine and Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada"


Ashley Halko-Addley, MA, "Waxing Away Illness: A Study of the Ukrainian Wax Ceremony in Western Canada"


Nadya Foty-Oneschuk, PhD, "Saving Heritage: Stakeholders, Successes, and Project SUCH"


Jennifer Boivin, PhD, "Animation and National Ethos: the American Dream, Socialist Realism, and Russian émigrés in France"


Larisa Sembaliuk Cheladyn, MA, "Stitched Narratives: The Ukrainian Canadian Embroidered Pillow"

Jiaying You, PhD, "Creative Factors and Ethnic-folk Dance: A Case Study of the Peacock Dance in China (1949-2013)"

Nataliya Bezborodova, MA, "Maidan on Facebook: Sensitive, Expressive and Interpretative Protest Lore"

Kateryna Kod, MA, "Ethnocultural Identity and Edmonton Painters Recently from Ukraine"


Huseyin Oylupinar, PhD, "Remaking Terra Cossacorum: Kozak Revival and Kozak Collective Identity in Independent Ukraine"


Paul Olijnyk, MA, "Hutsul Dance Steps"

Ludmila Nazarova, MA, "Folklore Elements of Personal Experience: The Art and Narrative of Mary Hansen"

Myroslava Uniat, MA, "Contemporary Ukrainian Political Folklore as Social Phenomena"

Maryna Chernyavska, MA, "Contemporary Ukrainian Home Birth Customs"


Viktoria Shevchenko, MA, "Ukrainian Canadians: The Manifestation of Cultural Identity through Folk Ballads"


Mariya Lesiv, PhD, "Modern Paganism Between East and West: Construction of an Alternative National Identity in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora"


Jennifer Boivin, MA, "From the Community to the World: Ukrainian Dance in Montreal"

Svitlana Kukharenko, PhD, "Abnormal Death Memorials in Ukraine: The Folkloristic Perspective"


Maureen Stefaniuk, MA, "My Grandmother's House as a Hybrid Between Traditional and Modern Dwellings"


Vincent Rees, MA, "Bereznianka: A Transcarpathian Folk Dance"


Greg Borowetz, MA, "Ukrainian Folklore in 'Kaliendar Kanadiis'koho Farmera'"


Svitlana Kukharenko, MA, "Magic in Contemporary Weddings: A Comparison of Ukrainian and Canadian-Ukrainian Beliefs and Practices"

Katherine Bily, MA, "Memories and Sentiments of the Plain Lake Church Community"

Roman Shyian, PhD, "Cossack Motifs in Ukrainian Folk Legends"


Mariya Lesiv, MA, "Pysanka: the Ukrainian Easter Egg in Canada"

Monica Jensen, PhD, "Personal Narratives and Ritual Observance"

Sogu Hong, PhD, "Ukrainian Canadian Weddings as Expressions of Ethnic Identity: Contemporary Edmonton Traditions"


Vita Holoborodko, MA, "Custodians of Ukrainian Heritage: Three Ukrainian Museums in Edmonton"


Nadya Foty, MA, "Ukrainian Mock Weddings in Saskatchewan"


Anna Kuranicheva, MA, "Art and Ethnicity: The Expression of Ukrainian Identity Through Art Objects Displayed in the Home"

Andriy Chernevych, MA, "Malanka Through the Back Door: Ukrainian New Year's Eve celebration in East Central Alberta"

Phyllis Basaraba, MA, "Koliadky and Shchedrivky of Bukovyna: Ukrainian Winter Cycle Songs"


Natalia Khanenko-Friesen (nee Shostak), PhD, "Local Ukrainianness in Transnational Context: An Ethnographic Study of a Prairie Ethnic Community"


Jason Golinowski, MA, "Gold, Silver, Bronze: Reflections on a Ukrainian Dance Competition"

Brian Cherwick, PhD, "Polkas on the Prairies: Ukrainian Music and the Construction of Identity"


Sogu Hong, MA, "Mykola Kostomarov and Ukrainian Folklore"


Viktoria Lohvyn, PhD, "Ukrainian Customary Law: An Attempt at Analyzing Some Aspects of Women's Rights"

Volodymyr Boychuk, MA, "Vivady: Wedding Songs of Ukrainians from Bosnia"


Raina Iotova, MA, "A Study on Similarieits and Differences Between Bulgarian and Ukrainian Everyday-life Folk Song Motifs (Lyrics)"

Olena Plohii, MA, "Ukrainian Christmas in Canada: Food Tradition"


Natalia Shostak, MA, "Domestication of Space: Symbolic Aspects of the Traditional Peasant Home in Northern Boryspil' Region (The Beginning of the 20th Century)"


Anne Mary Sochan, MA, "Continuity and Change: An Inter-Generational Examination of Ukrainian Christmas Observations in East Central Alberta"

Brian Cherwick, MA, "The Ukrainian Tsymbaly: Hammered Dulcimer Playing Among Ukrainians in Alberta"


Andriy Nahachewsky, PhD, "The Kolomyika: Change and Diversity in Canadian Ukrainian Folk Dance"


Rena Hanchuk, MA, "The Word and Wax: Folk Psychology and Ukrainians in Alberta"


Valentyn Moroz, MA, "The Ukrainian Hurdy-Gurdy: Questions of its Traits and Origin"


Andriy Nahachewsky, MA, "First Existence Folk Dance Forms Among Ukrainians in Smoky Lake, Alberta and Swan Plain, Saskatchewan"

Mark Bandera, MA, "The Tsymbaly Maker and His Craft: A Dynamic Musical Tradition in East Central Alberta"


Demjan Hohol', MA, "Folkloric Elements in Anatol' Svydnyc'kyj's 'Ljuborac'ki'"


Yarema Kowalchuk, MA, "The Emigrant Verses of Hryhorij Olijnyk: An Analysis"


Wasyl Niniowsky, MA, "The Poetic Forms and Mythological Elements in the Ukrainian-Hutsulian Carols - Koliadky and Shchedrivky"


George Foty, MA, "A Survey of the Mythology of Kievan Rus' and its Survivals in the Folklore of the Eastern Slavs"