AI Student Un/Conference

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About the Un/Conference

Expand your mind at the AI Student Un/Conference session, part of the AI, Ethics and Society Conference taking place May 8-10, 2019. Un/Conferences are experimental gatherings where the participants (that means you!) set the agenda. At this full-day session, students from various disciplines will exchange ideas and brainstorm concepts about issues related to AI, ethics, and society including:

  • Codes of ethics,
  • Design guides,
  • Ethics taxonomies and vocabularies,
  • Research agendas for interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration,
  • Sets of principles for Canadian projects, and
  • Other shared information resources.

When: Wednesday, May 8th from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm (following the conference keynote).

Where: 5-06 Stollery Executive Development Centre, Alberta School of Business.

Attendance is free of cost and open to students only.

If you plan to attend the un/conference, please brainstorm in advance some topics you may like to discuss.