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November 21, 2017 6:00 PM - 7:30 PMTelus Centre 150, University of Alberta

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LASERAlberta - Artists and scientists merging together in one evening When: Tuesday, November 21st, 6:00pm - 7:30pm Where: TELUS 150, University of Alberta On November 21st 2017, the University of Alberta will be featuring three globally renowned artists, designers and scientists to cross pollinate their research and creativity by presenting their own work. The theme of this LASERAlberta is design and biomedical research. DESIGN – SCIENCE INTERFACE Speakers: Ben King: Health + Design + Technology Ben King will share stories as a designer trying to leverage empathy, creativity and technology in areas of the medical world such as surgical planning and rehabilitation medicine. King will focus on the Alberta Cancer Foundation funded Mobili-T project - a portable therapy system for individuals with head and neck cancer. Ben King designs medical products and experiences. He works with clinicians and researchers in various health care professions, as well as established health care companies and startups. Additionally, he is a design educator at the University of Alberta, with a focus on teaching students to problem solve in areas such as health, sustainability and design for social change. Robert Lederer: Aesthetics of Disability Robert Lederer will talk about his search for meaning in the materiality and visual language of prosthetics. He will look at some of the issues that confront designers when attempting to design prosthetics or assistive devices for persons with disabilities. Robert Lederer is Associate Professor of Industrial Design and an Adjunct Professor in Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Alberta. His collaborative research ventures with the Faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine include examining seamless technological interfaces in patient treatment systems and designing products for an aging population (a project which received a commendation by the American Society on Aging for Exemplary Program in Industrial Design). This collaboration has now expanded to include Computing Sciences and Pharmacy with the establishment of the SMART CONDO - a research facility that examines issues of an aging population and independence. Dr. Michiko Maruyama: From Science to Art and Design: Finding Inspiration Dr. Michiko Maruyma will reflect on how as an industrial designer she finds inspiration in molecular biology. From the microbiology labs to the design studio, she will share her fascination with the microscopic world and how it drives her art and design. In addition, she will share her journey from design to cardiac surgery and how she integrates the two disciplines. Dr. Michiko Maruyama graduated from the University of British Columbia Northern Medical Program in 2015 and she was accepted into the Cardiac Surgery Residency Program at the University of Alberta. Prior to starting medical school, Michiko completed an Industrial Design degree at the University of Alberta. Michiko continues to actively explore and integrate medicine, art and design. She is currently in her third year of cardiac surgery residency and she is concurrently working towards a Master of Industrial Design degree. This is part of the world wide series, LASER Talks sponsored by Leonardo the International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST). Founded in 2008, LASERs are now happening in over a dozen locales internationally: Zurich, University of San Francisco, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, New York City, London, Tacoma, Toronto, Montreal and Kansas State University. For more information go to: About Leonardo/ISAST Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) is a nonprofit organization that serves the global network of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through our programs focused on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation. From its beginnings, Leonardo/ISAST has served as THE virtual community for purposes of networking, resource-sharing, best practices, research and events in Art/Science/Technology. SOCIAL MEDIA: #LASERTalks, #LASERAlberta : : Instagram/LeonardoISAST Contact Name: Marilene Oliver Contact Email: