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September 22, 2016 - October 1, 2016Rutherford South

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Comics-Medium in a Museum: What a Challenge! Public Exhibition Location: Rutherford South Time: September 20 - October 1, 2016 Activities: Exhibit opening with comics fashion show: September 20th, 5:15pm, Rutherford South Visiting lecture by Jill Stanton, nationally recognized artist and illustrator: September 22nd, 5:15pm, Room 2-20 FAB Roundtable on comics: September 27th, 5:15pm, Rutherford South Room 205-B This exhibition entitled "Comics-Medium in a Museum: What a Challenge!” is about how to exhibit comics in a museum. Traditionally it has been done either by exposing comic books in display show windows or/and pages of the comics on the wall. Are there other ways to exhibit comics? And if yes, are these other ways better at communicating what comics are? The exhibit comprises three parts: the first one is a series of pictures of museums exhibiting comics, the second part is a series of pictures of comic narratives which are taking place in museums, and the third and central part is ten pieces of creative art selected from submissions in response to a Call for Creative Works one year ago. These submissions came from 5 different cultures (Perú, Brazil, México, France, Québec, and Alberta) and are dealing with comics in various ways (video, animation, game, sculpture, drawing, pop-up, etc.).