International Center for Information Ethics

The International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE) and its journal, the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE), are officially hosted by the University of Alberta.

ICIE was founded in Germany by Uruguayan Philosopher Rafael Capurro in 1999. In partnership with the newly formed African Network for Information Ethics, ICIE quickly established its place as the center for community in the global-wide practice of Information Ethics, offering a platform for an intercultural exchange of ideas and information regarding worldwide teaching and research.

The ICIE community has supported and encouraged collaboration between colleagues teaching in the field for nearly two decades. It has organized and co-organised symposia since 2001 and publishes a book series in cooperation with W. Fink Verlag, Munich-Paderborn (Germany). In 2004, ICIE published its first edition of the International Review of Information Ethics (IRIE) and has continued to publish bi-annual editions since.

In 2018, the leadership of ICIE was entrusted to Jared Bielby and a new advisory board was created, complete with community forum, where a community-led philosophy will envision and redefine the goals and mission of ICIE for a new generation.

The formation of the ICIE Curriculum Consortium for the teaching of Information Ethics courses is being developed in collaboration with participating institutions worldwide. In addition to the creation and teaching of Information Ethics and related courses, the Curriculum Consortium has established and provides a set of guidelines concerning online teaching issues including credits and their transfer, platform, certification, and development of course curriculum.