Dr. Demers, FRSC, researches and teaches in the areas of early modern women's writing; Elizabethan and Jacobean drama;17th-century poetry; biblical literature; children's literature; and contemporary women's writing. She has published articles on these topics in "Mosaic", "English Studies in Canada", "Semeia", "Sixteenth Century Journal", "Huntington Library Quarterly", "Renaissance and Reformation", "Bunyan Studies", "Literature and Theology", and "Topia", among others. Her books include two edited anthologies of children's literature, From Instruction to Delight: Children's Literature to 1850 (second edition, 2004; third edition, 2008) and A Garland from the Golden Age. She was awarded the University Cup in 2005 and the CAUT Sarah Shorten Award in 2008. She has served as Department Chair (1995-98) and Vice-President of SSHRC (1998-2002); she is the Past President of The Royal Society of Canada (2005-07).

Winter 2012 Interdisciplinary Course Seminar Grant, Cycle One

Eyes Wide Open: Arts Students and Professors in Film, Literature, and Criticism

As participants in a faculty of Arts, how do we see and characterize ourselves? Are we articulate champions of what we do? And how effectively do we explain what we do? This course explores and assesses the representation of ourselves, Arts students and faculty, through examining the expressions of experience and knowledge along with the embedded assumptions in three related textualities: films, novels, and disciplinary criticism. By testing disciplinary critiques against embodiments in fiction and film, we will discuss and judge the accuracy, insight and occasional stereotypes of these cultural instruments of writing in various media. By challenging us to think about a disciplinary identity in an interdisciplinary format, the seminar aims to exercise creative and critical faculties laterally, to expand the linguistic tools with which we can speak about our study, and to demonstrate the value of the inquiry through a concluding public seminar.