Edmonton Pipelines

From November 1st to 23rd 2012, the Edmonton Pipelines work was on display in the Rutherford Library. KIAS hosted a Dialogue reception, giving the campus an opportunity to speak directly with the Pipeines team, and celebrate the dissemination November 22nd.

Edmonton Pipelines is a collection of digital maps and literary provocations by four collaborators: Heather Zwicker, Daniel Laforest, Maureen Engel and Russell Cobb. We use the site-appropriate term “pipelines” (Edmonton is an oil city) to stand for methods of channeling understanding through dense city space. We operate as a collaboratory, and several distinct projects are germinating under the Pipelines rubric -- some are high-tech, some are low-tech; some are primarily cartographic, some are primarily narrative; some deal with the city centre, some with the suburbs. What each pipeline shares, however, is a desire to construct interactive digital frameworks that contextualize and historicize the “space” of Edmonton, creating interwoven visual, cartographic, and narrative renderings of our complex urban landscape. Find us at edmontonpipelines.org.