Sustaining Mountain Cultures in the Canadian West

“Sustaining Mountain Cultures in the Canadian West” brings together scholars from the U of A’s Faculties of Arts, Physical Education and Recreation, and Science, from Augustana Campus in Camrose, and from the University of Victoria in order to advance the presence of humanities and social science research within a new, large-scale, collaborative, cross-university and community-intensive interdisciplinary research initiative now being led by the University of Alberta: the Canadian Mountains Network. The participants in this research team, most of them members of the U of A’s Canadian Mountain Studies Initiative (CMSI), share a passion for mountain places and peoples, a concern about their ecological and cultural sustainability, and a commitment to engaging with the challenge of sustainability in interdisciplinary and intersectional ways. Our organizing question for this KIAS-funded research project is this: how can university-centred research from the humanities and social sciences, in alliance with mountain-based research in the natural and applied sciences and our community partners, have impact now, and in the future, on mountain cultures and societies in Western Canada. 

Project cover photo credit: Zoltan Kenwell

Principal Investigator

Stephen Slemon

English and Film Studies
2016 Research Cluster Grant

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