Intersections of Sustainability – Collaborative Research Network on Water Governance, Climate Change and the Futures of Communities

This award will be applied to establishing a collaborative trans-disciplinary research network centered at the University of Alberta with a specific focus on the intersection of water governance, climate change, resource development and the perspectives of rural and Indigenous communities. This research network responds to a) the urgency of addressing issues of water governance, land use and climate change; b) the need to better understand the implications for communities, particularly in relation to water quality and availability and agriculture; and c) the University of Alberta’s goal to produce world-class leading-edge research on critical issues that confront humanity.

The initial focus will be on the Peace-Athabasca Delta and Mackenzie River Basin; however, this may expand as the group consults with rural and Indigenous communities and community organizations.

The team is motivated by the necessity for deeper understandings of rapid change in order to inform and educate communities, government agencies, policy makers and industry actors about appropriate measures for mitigating, mediating and/or adapting to rapidly escalating environmental and social change. The group brings together the disciplines of earth sciences, environmental engineering, environmental sociology, rural economy, law, anthropology and education to address these critical issues. An integrated systems approach is essential in order to adequately engage the deep and urgent questions that must be developed in this endeavor.

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Makere Stewart-Harawira

Educational Policy Studies
2015 Cluster Grant

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