Shannon Stunden Bower is the Research Director at the Parkland Institute, at the University of Alberta. She has her MA from the University of Toronto and her PhD from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Stunden Bower studies the history and historical geography of Canada, particularly in environmental history and the Canadian west.

Dr. Stunden Bower was a KIAS Postdoctoral Fellow from 2011-2012.

The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration as a Low Modernist Agency

Faculty of Arts, Department of History and Classics

How has the federal government helped Canadian prairie farmers adapt to change? Shifts in agricultural markets, environmental conditions, and agricultural technologies have created new challenges to which prairie farmers have had to adapt. Through an historical study of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, a federal government agency, this project examines the role of the federal government in facilitating agricultural adaptation on the Canadian prairies.

Particularly in light of climate change, the need to adapt likely will be even greater in the future. This project studies past efforts at adaptation in hope of understanding what worked and what did not, with an eye to informing the development of more successful strategies for the future. By incorporating regional ecological sustainability as a key measure of success, this project aims to provide the basis for policy recommendations that will advance environmental as well as human conditions in prairie agricultural regions.