Dr. Wilson is an Assistant Professor at Campus Saint-Jean and Director of the Bilingual Writing Centre. She is also the co-founding and co-managing editor for "Imaginations: Journal for Cross-Cultural Image Studies." Her research interests involve an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human/civil rights abuses in cultural representations. She is interested in the relationship between the written word and the image as discursive referents in socio-political contexts.

2011 Research Cluster Grant, Cycle One

Petrocultures: The Cultures of Oil in Canada and the World

Petrocultures is a new research cluster at the University of Alberta whose aim is to support, produce, and distribute research related to the socio-cultural aspects of oil and energy in Canada and the world today. The University has developed considerable expertise in the study of the scientific, financial, and environmental dimensions of our oil economy. A growing number of researchers at the U of A are engaged in an exploration of the social and cultural dimensions of oil and energy. The research activities and structures created by the Petrocultures Research Cluster will enhance and expand this research, and position the U of A at the forefront of a growing field of academic study.

With the aid of the KIAS Research Grant, over 18 months (May 2011-October 2012), Petrocultures will a) maintain a website to support and distribute socio-political research on oil and energy; b) produce a special journal issue of Imaginations on topic of “Oil and Water”; c) develop an international and interdisciplinary conference/workshop on the Oil, Energy and Culture, to be held in October 2012;d) organize an application to SSHRC in Fall 2012 for a large group research project.

Funding from KIAS to support the establishment of the Petrocultures Research Cluster will enable research on oil cultures at the U of A and create the framework to help support collaborative research on the topic from multiple disciplinary perspectives. This cluster will also produce scholarship that responds to the U of A's research focus on water, food and energy.