Dawn Wiseman is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education, department of Secondary Education.

We are all related: Tracking understanding-in-becoming with respect to engagement with Indigenous perspectives in science curricula

Since 2000, either provincial and territorial governments in Canada have mandated the integration of Indigenous perspectives across all kindergarten to grade 12 subject areas for all students. The sciences are proving to be a challenging location for the integration because the manner in which science is taught in most Canadian jurisdictions is strongly grounded in European Enlightenment ideals which frame the world and the way it works in a significantly different manner than Indigenous ways of knowing. My research examines how educational stakeholders - policy makers, Elders, pre- and in-service teachers - are negotiating these tensions and coming to understanding the ways in which different perspectives on the world and the way it works might offer up new ways of teaching, learning and being within the sciences.

keywords: Indigenous perspectives, science curricula, negotiation, policy, practice, Canada