Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. Our Department is large and consists of laboratory professional staff providing clinical laboratory services, faculty and clinical faculty members contributing to laboratory diagnostic and consultative services, education and research. We also have undergraduate and graduate students, residents, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and support staff. Our joint mission is to ensure excellence in clinical laboratory service, education and research.

The Department offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. We have a four-year professional degree program in which students acquire General Certification from the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) and a BSc in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS). We have an active graduate program with more then 40 students pursuing further education in diverse areas of basic science and translational research, some collaborating with other departments and faculties. The residency programs in Anatomical and General Pathology and Hematological Pathology offer exposure to all types of laboratory practice with residents having access to a wide variety of cases throughout the Edmonton Zone.

The Department has extensive research interests, both basic science and clinical, and faculty have national and international recognition in the areas of allograft rejection, analytical and environmental toxicology, pathogenesis of infectious disease, molecular mechanism of cancer, cryobiology and tissue preservation. We recognize the importance of inter-disciplinary research and new technologic developments has led to collaboration with the National Institute for Nanotechnology, Computing Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Public Health Sciences.

Through the website you will find information on faculty, staff and students, degree and residency programs, courses, research and clinical interests and current events.

Dr. Michael Mengel, MD
Professor & Chair
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta
North Sector Medical Director, Alberta Precision Laboratories