Molecular Pathology

Divisional Director: Dr. Iyare Izevbaye
4B1.02 Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6G 2B7
Phone: (780) 407-8025
Fax: (780) 407-8599
Email: Dr. Iyare Izevbaye

New developments in biomarkers for diagnosis, classification and prediction of response to treatment of malignancies have led to a rapid increase in the range of tests offered by the Division of Molecular Pathology. Tests will continue to grow as new therapies targeting specific molecular abnormalities in cancers are developed. Currently more than 5,000 specimens are handled per year, including analysis of biomarkers for diagnosis and classification of leukemia, lymphomas and colorectal cancer. In addition, genetic tests for thrombophilia are offered, complementing the testing carried out by the Division of Hematological Pathology. The Division is active in undergraduate and resident teaching.