Centres and Institutes

Our Faculty houses three high-profile centres and institutes. They conduct leading scholarly research, shape public policy, provide public legal education, and host speakers and other events related to important aspects of law in Alberta, Canada and internationally.

Our Institutes offer unique opportunities to our students by offering full-time summer employment and part-time employment during the academic year.

Students can research and publish their work and support larger research projects. They are provided with the opportunity to present papers at local, provincial, national and international conferences.

Alberta Law Reform Institute

The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) is the official law reform agency for the province of Alberta. It provides independent legal advice to the Government of Alberta and other agencies to ensure that the law and administration of justice are kept up to date and serve Albertans to the best extent possible. As Canada’s first independent law reform agency, ALRI has been a catalyst for numerous changes to the province’s legal system. The Institute is funded primarily by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and the Alberta Law Foundation, with additional funds and office premises provided by the University of Alberta.

Centre for Constitutional Studies

The Centre for Constitutional Studies is a hub for constitutional research and public education dedicated to fostering greater public knowledge and awareness of the Canadian Constitution and constitutional issues. The Centre hosts national conferences and symposia aimed at scholars and practicing lawyers, as well as a speaker series aimed at the general public. It also produces two publications, a scholarly journal (Review of Constitutional Studies) and an online journal (Constitutional Forum). The Centre is a non-profit organization that receives primary financial support from the Alberta Law Foundation, as well as additional support from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.

Health Law Institute

The Health Law Institute (HLI) is a research hub within the University of Alberta Faculty of Law dedicated to conducting cutting-edge health law and science policy research, communicating research and policy work to the academic community and the general public and fostering collaboration between leading health and legal scholars. Led by Research Director Timothy Caulfield, the Institute receives funding from a variety of agencies, including Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions, the Allergy, Genes and Environment (AllerGen) Network, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), Genome Alberta, Genome Canada and the Stem Cell Network.