Chairs and Professorships

David R. Percy, Q.C., M.A. (Oxford), LL.M. (Virginia)

Borden Ladner Gervais Chair of Energy Law and Policy

Professor David Percy was Dean of the Faculty of Law from 2002 until 2009. In January 2010, he was appointed as the first holder of the Borden Ladner Gervais Chair of Energy Law and Policy at the University of Alberta. The appointment was renewed in June 2013. The Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Chair in Energy Law and Policy, is awarded to an academic of international reputation, who will provide leadership, vision and expertise that enhances research and teaching in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law, and teaches, at least one course annually in the area of Energy Law and Policy.

Professor David Percy teaches Oil and Gas Law and Water Law and, whenever possible, first year Contracts. In 1995, David Percy won the W.P.M. Kennedy Award for outstanding merit in Canadian law teaching. In 1996 he won the Rutherford Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching at the University of Alberta and in 2000, he received the Tevie H. Miller Award for Teaching at the Faculty of Law.

Professor David Percy is co-editor of Contracts: Cases and Commentaries, now in its eighth edition and 3 books on Water Law. In 2009, he co-chaired the Ministers Advisory Panel on water management and allocation in Alberta. Since his appointment to the Borden Ladner Gervais Chair, he has written a paper on interjurisdictional water use in Canada entitled Resolving Water Use Conflicts: Insights from the Prairie Experience for the Mackenzie River Basin, C.D. Howe Institute, Commentary No.341 (February, 2012). Along with recent U of A graduate David McGillivray, he published Overlapping Remedies and the Unexpected Termination of Oil and Gas Leases, 49 Alta. L. Rev. 251 (2011) and he recently surveyed the influence on other Commonwealth countries of radical Canadian developments in the law of tenders in The Evolving Reality of Tendering Contracts – Some Commonwealth Comparisons (2012), 28 Const. L.J. 105-130.

David Percy has taught Oil and Gas Law for more than 20 years and has acted both as an expert witness and as an advocate in energy litigation. He has acted as moderator for the Annual Research Seminar of the Canadian Energy Law Foundation on 16 occasions. In October 2011, he was an invited participant in a discussion on Climate Change at the Global Science and Technology in Society Forum in Kyoto and at the Water Leaders Summit, Singapore International Water Week, in July 2012.

David Percy participates actively in the seminar programme run by the Borden Ladner Gervais Calgary office and enjoys keeping up to date in legal developments in the energy field through his interactions with many members of the firm.