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Acorn, Annalise
Legal Theory, Philosophy Of The Emotions In The Context Of Conflict And Justice, Restorative Justice, Philosophy Of The Criminal Law, Conflict Of Laws 780-492-7268
Adams, Eric
Associate Professor
Constitutional Law And Theory, Legal History, Labour And Employment Law 780-248-1516
Bauman, Richard W
Jurisprudence, Contract Law, Professional Ethics, Corporate Law, European And Latin American Legal Theory, Constitutional Law 780-492-0284
Bell, Catherine
Métis, First Nation, And Inuit Legal Issues, Interdisciplinary And Collaborative Community Centred Qualitative And Applied Legal Research, Domestic And International Cultural Heritage Law, Dispute Resolution, Research Ethics, Law For Low Income People 780-492-5794
Billingsley, Barbara A
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor
Insurance Law, Civil Litigation & Process (Including Class Actions) 780-492-1793
Bryden, Philip
Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Judges And Courts 780-492-5481
Buckwold, Tamara
Personal Property Security Law, Judgment Enforcement Law, Contracts 780-492-8414
Carver, Peter
Canadian Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Immigration Law, Disability Rights And Mental Health Law, Law And Society 780-492-3313
Caulfield, Tim
Professor & Research Director
Health Law And Policy, Biotechnology And Science Policy, Bioethics 780-492-8358
Friedland, Hadley
Visiting Assistant Professor
Aboriginal Law, Indigenous Laws, Legal Methodologies And Pedagogies, Criminal Justice, Family And Child Welfare Law, Dispute Resolution And Therapeutic Jurisprudence 780-492-7417
Harrington, Joanna
Constitutional Law, International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, Transnational Criminal Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, International Law, International Peace And Security, Charter Of Rights And Freedoms 780-492-2286
Hutchison, Cameron
Intellectual Property, Statutory Interpretation, Internet Law, Music And The Law 780-492-5075
Iyioha, Irehobhude
Visiting Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law; Assistant Adjunct Professor, Health Ethics Centre, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Health Law And Policy, Tort Law, Women’S Health Rights And Legal Theory
Jefferies, Cameron
Assistant Professor and Borden Ladner Gervais Bowker Fellow
International Environmental Law, Energy Law, Oceans And Law Of The Sea, Science And The Law 780-492-9059
Kaplinsky, Eran
Associate Professor
Land Use Planning And Regulation, Municipal Law, Expropriation, Property Law, Law & Economics 780-492-2941
Lavoie, Malcolm
Assistant Professor
Legal Theory, Property Law, Aboriginal Law, Federalism 780-492-9809
Law, John M
Legal History, Administrative Law, Crown/Governmental Liability, Professional Responsibility, Legal Education 780-492-0283
Lewans, Matthew
Associate Professor
Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Comparative Public Law 780-492-9211
Litman, Morris M
Property Law, Fiduciary Law, Health Law 780-492-2040
Lund, Anna
Assistant Professor
Law For Low Income People, Bankruptcy And Insolvency Law, Debtor-Creditor Law, Gambling & The Law, Socio-Legal Research Methods, Civil Procedure 780-492-3349
McInnes, Mitchell
Contracts, Property Law, Trusts, Unjust Enrichment; Torts, Restitution, Remedies, Tort Law 780-492-6414
Muir, James
Associate Professor
History and Classics Legal Theory, Labour And Employment Law, Canadian Legal History, Us & British Legal History 780-492-5538
Nelson, Erin
Health Law, Health Care Ethics, Health Policy, Women's Health Law And Policy, Reproductive Health Law And Policy, Tort Law 780-492-7403
O'Byrne, Shannon
Contract Law, Corporations Law, Remedies, Contract Law Theory, Law And The Emotions 780-492-9810
Ogbogu, Ubaka
Assistant Professor
Bioethics, Health Law, Public Health Law, Science And Health Policy Studies, Biomedicine, Legal History Of Public Health And Health Care In Canada And The Law Of Torts (With A Special Focus On Medical Malpractice And Health Care Tort)
Paton, Paul
Dean, Wilbur Fee Bowker Professor of Law
Professional Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Business Associations 780-492-5590
Pavlich, George
Canada Research Chair in Social Theory, Culture and Law, Professor
Sociology, Arts Jurisprudence, Socio-Legal Studies, Sociology Of Law, Critical Criminology, Legal Theory, Restorative Justice, Legal History, Law And Society, Criminal Justice Process 780-492-5343
Penney, Steven
Criminal Law And Procedure, Evidence, Law And Technology, Privacy, National Security 780-492-5586
Percy, David
Professor, Borden Ladner Gervais Chair of Energy Law and Policy
Water Allocation Law, Tradable Water Rights, Protection Of Instream Flows In Water Allocation Statutes, Aquaculture Law, Energy Law And Policy, Climate Change 780-492-5537
Reif, Linda C
Professor, CN Professor of International Trade
International Human Rights Law, Comparative Public Law, International Law, International Trade And Investment Law, International Business Transactions, National Human Rights Institutions 780-492-2800
Sankoff, Peter
Law Of Evidence, Substantive Criminal Law, Criminal Justice Process, Animal Law, Constitutional Law In The Criminal Context 780-492-2599
Sprysak, Christopher
Associate Dean of Research and Associate Professor
Trusts, Taxation Law And Policy, Estate Planning, Wills And Estates, Aboriginal Law 780-492-5028
Varvis, Stella
Legal Research & Writing Program Director
Legal Research And Writing, Competitive Moot Program 780-492-5045
Wood, Roderick J
Professor, FR (Dick) Matthews QC Professor of Business Law
Personal Property Security Law, Judgment Enforcement Law, Bankruptcy And Insolvency Law, Commercial And Consumer Law 780-492-0275
Yahya, Moin
Vice Dean / Professor
Law & Economics, Antitrust Law, Regulatory Law, Criminal Law, Procedure 780-492-4445
Ziff, Bruce H
Property Law 780-660-9433