History of the Faculty of Law


After outgrowing its previous home in the Rutherford Library, the Faculty of Law began construction of a new space in the late 1960s. Always a guest of another Faculty or University department, the Faculty of Law could now look forward to having its own permanent home on campus.

The new Law Centre officially opened in 1972, although students, Faculty members and staff had been occupying the building since the fall of 1971. Interesting architectural features help identify the building at its 111th Street and 89th Avenue corner street address. This impressive structure now stands as a proud symbol of the Faculty’s strength and phenomenal growth.

The creation of this modern building signified a new chapter in the Faculty’s development. No longer feeling the constraints of physical limitation, the Faculty continued to flourish in this new space and quickly saw the benefits of this new facility.

With plenty of room for much-needed new classrooms, administrative offices and student spaces, the Faculty was now able to achieve sustainable development, a problem that it struggled with for many years.