Latest work by UAlberta Law professor offers insights on commercial law

Conceptions of property essential to this fundamental area of law, says Prof. Tamara Buckwold

Sarah Kent - 27 August 2020

University of Alberta law professor Tamara Buckwold’s latest publication argues that conceptions of property give depth and structure to commercial law.

An authority in commercial law, Buckwold refutes the common belief that it is merely a collection of rules. She explains the important role of property in the conceptual framework of commercial law and as a bridge between commercial law and other doctrine.

Focusing on the law that governs debt recovery and drawing on cases from the Supreme Court of Canada, Buckwold also argues that conceptions of property and commercial law are mutually constitutive as they inform and determine each other.

The University of Alberta law professor’s article, “The Conceptual Structure of Commercial Law,” appears in the Alberta Law Review.