2021 Brimacombe Moot attracts large and strong field of participants

Second- and third-year law students competed to represent University of Alberta at competitive moots

Staff - 04 October 2021

Seventy-five Faculty of Law students competed in the Brimacombe Moot for the opportunity to be named to a competitive moot team for the 2021-22 academic year.

The overall winner was Annie Redmond, 2L. Runner-up was Connor Dunphy-Brace, 2L.

The panel also bestowed honourable mentions for their outstanding performances to Gaya Peringod, 2L; Jeremy Thomas, 2L; Jonathan Brisebois, 2L; Kassandra Devolin, 3L; Kelsey Fortier, 3L; Raunaq Arora,3L; Rielle Gagnon, 3L; and Shanza Arif, 2L.

This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, students had the choice of competing virtually or in person.

“Regardless of the format of their presentation, all students demonstrated a high degree of skill and advocacy,” said the Brimacombe Moot Committee, whose members were Chris Samuel, director of the Legal Research and Writing Program, Associate Professor Christopher Sprysak and Professor Peter Sankoff.

“Participating in the Brimacombe is incredibly challenging: the strict time limitation combined with an active panel makes for an intense six minutes.”

The 2021-22 competitive moot season begins early in the Winter term. Fifty-seven students will be competing in 16 moots, regionally or nationally.