Hello My Friend Café reopens in Law Centre

Temporary location serves up Steve’s legendary coffee and friendship

Staff - 23 September 2021

A warm and treasured presence at the Law Centre for more than 15 years, Steve McDiarmid has reopened his Hello My Friend Café in a temporary location now that students are back on campus.

The current spot for coffee, tea, pastries and Steve’s friendly greeting is in CN Alumni Hall on the third floor of the Law Centre. It’s accessible via the staircase in the north hallway, across from McLennan Ross Hall (Rooms 231-237).

Hours of operation are weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This location will operate until renovations on the permanent location of the café are completed before the start of next term. Then, it will move back inside The Gavel, the first-floor student lounge. 

Refurbishments of The Gavel include brightening the space with new windows to the main hallway, refitting it with new fixtures and furniture and offering more communal seating. The improvements were funded by an anonymous donation.