Law Professor Joanna Harrington Publishes New Title in Canada's Foremost Legal Encyclopedia

Halsbury's Laws of Canada 2019 includes her volume on Public International Law

Staff Writer - 26 June 2019

Prof. Joanna Harrington, an authority on international and constitutional law at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, has published a new title for the legal encyclopedia, Halsbury's Laws of Canada, the leading legal reference work on current laws in Canada.

Harrington's title, Public International Law: Reissue 2019, focuses on the relevance and application of the rules and principles of international law within Canadian law. Her previous titles in this field were published in Halsbury's in 2010 and 2014.

Halsbury's is the go-to reference for lawyers in practice who need "to get a quick, distilled and reliable analysis of what the law is on a particular topic," said Harrington.

It is based on the well-respected Halsbury's Laws of England, which has been in print since 1906-1907. Named after its first editor, the former Lord Chancellor, Lord Halsbury, its Canada-specific version was launched in 2006.

Harrington appreciated the publisher's decision to include a title on Public International Law. "International law arises in so many areas of Canadian law, from trade and foreign investment, to climate change and the use of the oceans, to human rights and cross-border crime," she said.

"It's quite a challenge to cover it all in 300 pages."

Published by LexisNexis, the entire Halsbury's series is available in print and online through the legal research software, Lexis Advance Quicklaw.

Written by judges, practitioners and legal academics, there are 72 volumes with 117 titles covering all areas of the law. The format is clear and accessible, with extensive footnotes and cross-referencing for lawyers in practice to grasp quickly the leading case authorities.