Expert in property law featured on podcast, The Curious Task

Prof. Malcolm Lavoie discusses the importance of local knowledge for property rights

Sarah Kent - 11 August 2020

Professor Malcolm Lavoie, an expert in property law at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, shares the significance of local knowledge for property rights as a featured guest on The Curious Task podcast.

The episode is titled “Why are property rights so important?” and is based on Lavoie’s paper, “Property and Local Knowledge,” which is forthcoming in Catholic University Law Review.

In the episode, Lavoie touches on such topics as Indigenous communities and land management, how the digital age has shifted the demands on local knowledge, and decentralized control of resources.

He argues that local knowledge is foundational for property law and is a justification for property rights.

Hosted by the Institute for Liberal Studies, the podcast explores philosophy, politics, and economics from a classical liberal perspective.