Animal law expert featured guest on Knowing Animals podcast

Prof. Peter Sankoff critiques the regulation of animal agriculture in Canada

Sarah Kent - 03 September 2020

Professor Peter Sankoff, an authority in animal law at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, discusses the regulation of animal agriculture as a featured guest on an episode of the podcast, Knowing Animals.

The episode is based on Sankoff’s article, “Canada’s Experiment with Industry Self-Regulation in Agriculture: Radical Innovation or Means of Insulation?”, which appears in the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law.

Sankoff argues that the regulation of farm animals in Canada is flawed since the agricultural industry relies on self-reporting rather than legal protections for the treatment of animals.

The Knowing Animals podcast features animal studies scholars and advocates to discuss law, ethics, politics, and advocacy in relation to animals. It is supported by the Australasian Animal Studies Association and Animal Publics, a special animal studies series at the Sydney University Press.

Sankoff co-hosts his own podcast, Paw and Order, Canada’s first animal law podcast, which is hosted by Animal Justice, an organization that works to pass animal protection legislation, pushes for the prosecution of animal abusers, and fights for animals in court.