Prof. Eran Kaplinsky releases 'A Guide to Property Rights in Alberta' at Land Use 2014 Conference

Katherine Thompson - 07 May 2014

At today's Land Use 2014 Conference University of Alberta Faculty of Law Professor Eran Kaplinsky presented a report co-authored with his colleague Professor David Percy, entitled 'A Guide to Property Rights in Alberta'. The conference, organized by UAlberta's Alberta Land Institute, is Western Canada's premier forum on land-use research, planning, and policy, and was attended by approximately 280 representatives from governments, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions.

Professors Kaplinsky and Percy's guide is a comprehensive review of property rights as they relate to Alberta. It contains important information on property rights and the law, what compensation mechanisms are in place and how they work, and a review of existing legislation. The one-year research project on property rights and land use in Alberta, and the resultant co-authored guide, was made possible with the assistance of a grant that the Alberta Land Institute awarded in February 2013 to Professors Kaplinsky and Percy.

Further information on the 'Guide to Property Rights in Alberta', and the Land Use 2014 Conference:

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