Deputy Minister Appointment -- Phil Bryden

Paul D. Paton, JSD, Dean of Law, Wilbur Fee Bowker Professor of Law - 30 June 2015

Dear Colleagues:

I write to pass along the important news that this afternoon the Government of Alberta has confirmed an Order in Council appointing former Dean and our colleague Professor Phil Bryden as Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Solicitor General effective July 6, 2015.

This is a remarkable honour and opportunity for Phil personally and professionally, and builds on the strong tradition of the Faculty's (and University's) support for public life and office in the province. As the University's announcement notes, the University aims to inspire leadership and citizenship through teaching, research and active engagement. As a Faculty community - students, staff, Faculty and alumni - we are especially connected with the development of law and public policy in the service of Albertans and all Canadians, both through dissemination of our research and public engagement, and directly in the public service and judiciary.

[Please see the President's statement on the UAlberta Blog.]

Phil's appointment is a tribute both to his individual experience as a legal academic, administrator and public servant, and to the broader depth of knowledge and experience within the Faculty and University.

I am very pleased to provide my personal support and to offer congratulations and best wishes from the Faculty as Phil undertakes these new and important responsibilities.

Best regards,


Paul D. Paton, JSD
Dean of Law
Wilbur Fee Bowker Professor of Law