Professors Timothy Caulfield and Ubaka Ogbogu Earn Stem Cell Network Research Grants

The Stem Cell Network's 2016 Impact Research Agreement Program funds projects that are ready to move down a translational path.

Law Communications - 26 October 2016

Congratulations to Professor Timothy Caulfield and Assistant Professor Ubaka Ogbogu who each received $50,000 research grants from the Stem Cell Network (SCN). The SCN announced funding for 17 research projects on October 25 through its 2016 Impact Research Agreement Program, a $1.54 million investment aimed at funding research projects that are ready to move down a translational path. The grants have been offered in three different categories: clinical translation, commercialization or public policy.

Prof. Caulfield's project is titled Stem cells and misleading marketing claims and Prof. Ogbogu's project is titled Regulating the future: model policies for emerging stem cell research activities, including research on gene-edited and reconstituted embryos. More information on each project will be made available on our website later this fall. A complete list of the SCN-funded projects can be viewed here.

"This is wonderful news for Prof. Caulfield, Prof. Ogbogu, and the Health Law Institute team," said Dean Paul Paton. "Having both of our projects funded by the Stem Cell Network as part of their Impact Research Agreement Program in what was a tremendously competitive application process is a testament to the quality of Tim and Ubaka's work and to the HLI's ongoing commitment to evidence-based health law and science policy research. I am very proud of this latest achievement and of both professors' and the HLI team's continuing commitment to public education and to the Faculty of Law's mission to serve the broader public interest."