In a record-breaking year, three law students win scholarships from eminent U.S. organization

    Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation supports law studies in natural resources

    By Helen Metella on May 17, 2019

    Three students entering their final year in the Faculty of Law have received scholarships from a distinguished non-profit organization in the United States that supports law studies in the fields of minerals and natural resources.

    Amanda Cerisano, Elisa Genuis and Nicolas Lindal each won a scholarship from the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, which will be applied to their tuition at the University of Alberta.

    They also receive airfare and accommodation to attend the Foundation’s 65th Annual Institute, which takes place in Monterey, Calif., July 18-20, or another one of the organization’s special institutes held during the coming year.

    “I am incredibly grateful to have been selected for this award,” said Cerisano, who had a five-year career at a large pipeline company, working in human resources, before entering law school.

    “In addition to assisting with the financial burden of school, I am thrilled to have access to additional resources through the Foundation Student Membership that is available to recipients.”

    Lindal said the field of natural resources law interests him because “it crosses over with the economics of trading or transporting crude oil. There are lots of strategic commercial and legal decisions that can be made when approaching this area.”

    The foundation awards only 30 scholarships each year, and receives applications from its 33 constituent law schools in the U.S. and Canada.

    “The competition for these awards is intense among all the major law schools which offer courses in natural resources subjects,” said David R. Percy, incoming interim dean of the Faculty of Law, who is a member of the foundation’s trustees council.

    “Our students have had considerable success over the years and are held in high esteem by the Foundation. Having three scholarship winners in one year is certainly a record for us. In addition to the financial benefits, it introduces them to an organization which offers the best professional education programs in the field of natural resources in the world.”