Internationally Trained Lawyer Program – NCA Accreditation

Faculty of Law Admissions Process and Terms

Processes and Terms

NCA Students are permitted to register in one or more courses which are not being taken for credit toward a degree or diploma at the University of Alberta or any other institution.

To be considered for admission as an NCA Student, applicants must normally have received a Law degree from an accredited post-secondary institution (equivalent to a Canadian JD or LLB degree), must meet English Language proficiency requirements as specified by the Faculty of Law Graduate Program, and must provide documentation setting out their assigned requirements as assessed by Canada’s National Committee on Accreditation.

NCA results will determine application to the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law.

For the 2017-2018 Academic Year:

Applicants must meet English Language Proficiency requirements as specified in the University of Alberta Calendar.

Since the Faculty of Law has limited enrolment, priority in admission is given to applicants to degree programs.