Internationally Trained Lawyer Program – NCA Accreditation

Faculty of Law Program Offerings

The Internationally Trained Lawyers Initiative at the University of Alberta is a unique initiative tailored specifically to your NCA requirements so you can focus on the courses you need.

The Internationally Trained Lawyers Initiative offers NCA candidates the opportunity to complete the NCA required courses in a supportive, in-class environment, at an accredited Canadian law school instead of challenging the NCA’s examinations. With successful completion of courses, students can use their University of Alberta transcripts to apply for their Certificate of Qualification from the NCA.

Other offerings include:

  • A course schedule built specifically for you by the NCA Initiative Coordinator.

  • Courses taught by leading faculty, law practitioners and judges.

  • Academic training in all core NCA subject areas, including but not limited to: Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Criminal Law, Foundations of Canadian Law, Canadian Professional Responsibility, Torts, Property, Contracts, and Evidence Law.